A guideline to build a sustainable growing business.

Achiever lays the foundation for Q13 Silver Presidential, which means that your business is impacting thousands of people and growing sustainably because of solid leadership.

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The Achiever Program is a strategy that was developed by Q13 Platinum Presidential Directors, Louis and Leoné van der Linde to help you build a sustainable and growing business. It also lays the foundation for the coveted position of a Q13 Silver Presidential Director.

It is not a tool to demand performance, rather it serves as a guideline for those that have a dream and a drive and wish to achieve big. Being an 'Achiever' means, first of all, that you your dreams and goals are crystal clear, written down and that you are working toward it come what may. It also serves as the great equalizer, being fruit on the tree, measured in leadership. You can have the point volume, but without leadership the business is still fickle.