In 2014 I had the privilege to stand exactly in the spot from where Dr. Rob Sinnot delivers his talk in the video above. It is at the Mannatech head office in Coppell, Texas just outside of Dallas. Being in that space, which stands as a testimony to their more-than-$50million investment in research and development, inspires a confidence to share with friends and family this opportunity and gift of true nutrition. 

See photos below...

*Photos: with Andri & Emsie, and Yolandé van der Linde

I recall how Dr. Steve Nugent (former President of the American Naturopathic Association) shared that they have equipment that can break down any ingredient to just one molecule. I don't think I can quite fathom how significant that is. I also remember them saying, that piece of equipment is worth over a million dollars. Dr. Nugent also shared that they test each and every organic crop for toxicity and if they found too many toxic elements (yes, even in organic crops), they discard of that crop and buy a new crop at a premium price, without changing the price to the consumer. This sounds very much like Steve Jobs, who ensures that even the tiny screws that the user can't see, on the inside of an iPhone, are beautiful to look at. I like that about Apple, it speaks of pride. And I like that about our company.

Being well versed with Mannatech's competition, I have come to understand that having received their 100th patent as a nutritional company is a massive achievement. Most companies in this industry, if they are lucky, have one or two patents. Even the biggest names that are now on your lips, have only one. And of these companies that have one or two, many have it merely on the packaging. I.e.: the design of the bottle. I mean really, what is the value of that to the consumer? Will I eat the bottle? Does the shape of the bottle improve my chances to get results on the product? It might make me pick the one product over the other, but I probably won't use it long term if I don't experience significant results. Every dollar spent on design and marketing is a dollar that could be spent toward producing and validating a quality product.

Mannatech's business model, being network marketing, is based on word of mouth. The results people get induces a conviction and a desire to share with others what they have discovered. Many people will argue that associates only share, because they are rewarded financially. I have found though, that in my experience as someone that walks with others through this journey, that a new associate might do this for a week or two, or sometimes for a month, but once the associate gets a second and a third, out right... "No", from a friend or potential client, then the associate quickly forgets about the fact that they will be rewarded financially, and they take a back seat allowing this 'Resistance' to overcome their desire to add value or to achieve the significance they long for. 

The associate that persists through this 'Resistance', starts to understand that the journey toward a life of significance is a journey on the edge of those borders that we have set for ourselves. Like an athlete that trains hard knows that her muscles will ache consistently... it is part of becoming a great athlete. Her aching muscles are not a sign to stop and rest, it is the launchpad to greater achievement. Ellen Langer, professor of psychology at Harvard University says it best, 

"Events don't cause stress, what causes stress are the views you take of events." 

The above video is a testimony to Mannatech's commitment to innovation, to product safety, and to the longevity of the company. This commitment on their side, inspires me to stay committed to my dreams and to use my self imposed limitations as a springboard to new frontiers. I am excited to be a pioneer in this often misunderstood, and often misrepresented, industry of Network Marketing.

A special thank you to my mentors, Ruben and Kristell, as well as Vintzent and Yolandé who embody a spirit of truthfulness and love.

Sincerely, Pierre.


Pierre is a filmmaker and entrepreneur in Cape Town. Learn more about him by following this link to his Achievers profile.