How you apply a true science anti-aging cream makes a difference! Strangely enough, while you may think that you are doing the right thing for your skin simply by applying Ūth Skin Crème, how you apply it can actually make a big difference. If you want to use Ūth  to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, it’s important to be gentle with the delicate skin on your face as it can so easily be damaged over time.


Put 2 pumps on the back of your hand, using it as your palette. You will use less product with applying Ūth on the back of your hand than if you just put it in the palm of your hand. Plus it’s much more hygienic the way I recommend, as the palms contain much more bacteria.



Starting at the base of your throat, stroke upwards and outwards, covering the entire face area.


When you have gently worked the product into your skin, rub any remaining crème into the backs of your hands, another area that is prone to age-related damage. Repeat this morning and night for the best results.


While many users may see results in as little as ten minutes, the best results are born of consistency, with a minimum of 90 days being the ideal starting point in your journey towards more youthful skin.


1. As much as possible, stay out of the sun. Use a 15spf sun screen. Apply 2 minutes or more after application of Ūth crème.

2. Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption

3. Do not use skincare products that are too harsh for your skin – stick to Ūth Skin Crème

4. If needed, use Mannatech's quality moisturiser, as Ūth draws moisture into the matrix and this may cause your skin to feel dry.

5. Follow a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise.

6. Drink up to two litres of water per day

7. Take a quality antioxidant to help combat the harmful effect of free-radicals. Mannatech arguably has the highest quality antioxidant on the market.

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